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LOVENOTES is a New York City based muralist and visual artist, whose alias formed at a young age through her submergence in Bronx street art culture.


She has painted murals for The Bushwick Collective, as well as the Emmy nominated fashion related competition show, Project Runway, and The Meadows Music and Arts Festival.

Heavily influenced by the youth and the communities she grew up in, Lovenotes strives to inspire and connect to these communities by creating artworks that are charged with her emotional and spiritual vision of the world; while incorporating symbolism related to the themes of nature, heritage, social justice, and inclusion usually involving feminine figures and fantastical scenery.

Still enthusiastic about street art culture, Lovenotes has branched into other forms of art. She primarily works in paint but has a great love for using different mediums, methods and styles to create.


For over 5 years LOVENOTES has worked as a freelance Art Director and Curator. Very passionate about using her platform as a muralist to uplift marginalized communities, Lovenotes also works as a Teaching Artist in schools in the Bronx and Manhattan.




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